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that was no accident - that was first degree toastercide!
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24th-Sep-2010 08:45 pm - New Writing Community!
Pencils - ciri

Come and join us!
5th-Jul-2010 08:59 pm - to creativewriter community
Pencils - ciri
I'm an avid writer and reader, I have an undergraduate degree in English and I am really looking to start trying to get published. I would like help, support and feedback and am looking for a place on livejournal where I can find this. I like giving feedback as well, and find that often the problems other people are facing mirror my own in the long run, and that I can help myself by helping others.

creativewriter looks like a place with high-quality writers and readers, and a positive and encouraging atmosphere, so I would really appreciate being considered for membership!
23rd-Oct-2006 03:03 pm - Character - Mark
NaNo 2006 - ciri
MarkCollapse )
23rd-Oct-2006 02:43 pm - Character - Sushi
Pencils - ciri
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23rd-Oct-2006 02:29 pm - Character - Dot
Pencils - ciri
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19th-Sep-2006 04:56 pm - Mr Vadimas
Pencils - ciri
MR VADIMASCollapse )
1st-Jul-2006 02:27 pm - Go Go JulNo WriMo!
Pencils - ciri
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,345 / 50,000
28th-Apr-2006 08:19 pm - Better Late than Never...
I won!
So...NaNo 05?

I won! 53,163 words, to be precise.

I didn't finish the story, but I plan to do so at some point, when life has slowed down. Hell, this is the first chance I've actually had to log into this journal since just after November. It's been mental.

If you've friended me, you'll probably notice that I've just done a huge load of posts - 9 Chapters of my story. Only edited slightly to remove the most hideous wordpadding. I've got a printout covered in bright 'ouch-my-eyes' pink pen scribblings telling me exactly what I need to change and where. And I'll get around to doing that at some point - probably after my exams.

But, yeah. NaNo 2005 - sorted. :)
8th-Nov-2005 10:13 pm(no subject)
Pencils - ciri
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,702 / 50,000

'm beginning to catch up. Huzzah!
3rd-Nov-2005 05:19 pm - Mak
Pencils - ciri
I finally have pictures of Mak! Both little doodles I did in the margins of my notes, but it's better than nothing.

PicturesCollapse )
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